Analog design verification
for the 21st Century

Cedar addresses the modern needs of analog designers to have better tools for creating optimal and robust designs in today's complex technology nodes. Analog design hasn't changed much since the 80s when designers were pushing buttons and turning knobs in a GUI. Designers and CAD groups are empowered with an open, modern, fast, easy to use ecosystem to write advanced custom flows.

Fully Differentiable for designing optimal,
robust designs and Machine Learning





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1st Fully Differentiable SPICE Simulator

  • Understand circuit behavior with end-to-end derivatives
  • Latest research on accelerating electronics simulation
  • Supports industry-standard MOSFET models
  • Spectre/SPICE netlist or direct schematic import
  • Built on proven SciML technology
  • Combine with JuliaSim for multi-domain simulation
  • Generate or Integrate Neural Surrogates
  • State of the art performance and massively scalable
  • Library-based design for easy integration

High performance analog verification

  • Easiest way to verify analog designs and debug regressions
  • True continuous waveform mathematics
  • Instantly process of GBs of data for interactive analysis
  • 100s of pre-built measurements & signal types
  • Integrates with 1000's of open source packages
  • Easily write robust custom measurements
  • Direct integration with lab equipment
  • Supports many of the popular data formats
  • Available on the Cloud and all major Operating Systems

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